Safe Asian Communities

Safe Asian Communities Program

The purpose of the Safe Asian Communities (SAC) program is to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate safety education and prevention workshops to Asian communities within Central Ohio. The goal of SAC is to reduce the number of traffic-related crashes, fatalities, injuries and property damage through safety service programs.


Child Passenger Safety

Motor vehicle injuries are a leading cause of death among children in the United States. But many of these deaths can be prevented. Buckling children in age- and size-appropriate car seats, booster seats, and seat belts reduces serious and fatal injuries by more than half. Child Passenger Safety Education is to teach families how to safely transport their children by using car seats, booster seats and seat belts properly on every ride.

Alcohol-Impaired Driving Safety

Every day, almost 30 people in the United States die in motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver. The goal of Alcohol-Impaired Driving Safety Education is to educate Asian college students on the dangers of drunk driving and to prevent alcohol-impaired driving and alcohol-related crashes.

Limited English Proficient Driver Safety

Limited English Proficient Driver Safety Education is to educate Limited English Proficient drivers or new immigrants about the Ohio Motor Vehicle Laws to enable them get prepared for driving on the roads.

Teen Drivers and Parents Education

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for U.S. teens. Teen Drivers and Parents Education can keep teen safe on the road and prevent motor vehicle-related deaths/injuries among teen drivers.


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