About AACS

Mission Statement

To improve the well-being and quality of life for Asians in Central Ohio by providing social services and empowering individuals through education, training and leadership.

Who We Are

Asian American Community Services (AACS) is the premier non-profit community-based organization serving needs of all Asian Americans in Central Ohio. Since 1976, AACS has provided leadership in developing the Asian community through its expansive and proactive programs and services.

What We Do

Asian-Americans have been long categorized as the “model minority,” achieving greater accomplishments than all other ethnic races. But the other side to their profile is the “silent minority.” This significant, minority population in the community struggles every day to survive and lives far below the poverty level with more mouths to feed than the average American family.

These needs in the Asian community are rooted in cultural, educational and language barriers. To bridge these gaps between Asians and American society, AACS offers a myriad of programs and services through its following four departments: Community Education, Youth & Family, Health Care & Prevention, and Interpreting & Translation.

Asian American Community Services seeks to educate the community and create a better q
uality of life for all Asians in Central Ohio, regardless of citizenship status, cultural ethnicity, and socioeconomic level.



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